10 Ways To Promote Your Local Business Online To Increase Your Productivity

If you are running a small business then this post is for you. In this post I will tell how you can promote your local business online.

Local business depends on relationship, friendship, reference and a great network. You need to make a strong relationship with your customer for current and future sale.

So, let’s start learning:

1. Local Search: There are three major search engines in the world as Google, Yahoo and Bing and all are providing local searches for local customers. Approx 50% business comes from local searches of search engines.

Here is the example of Local searches in major search engines:

  • Google Local Searches
    Google local business
    Google Local Business
  • Yahoo Local Searches:
    yahoo local searches
    Yahoo Local Searches
  • Bing Local Business:
    Bing Local Searches
    Bing Local Searches

2. Review Management: If your listing getting reviews at least once in a month and the review is coming from a unique and non spam id and the review has your keyword in the comment then your local listing will be improved.

Review Management
Review Management

3.Niche Citation / Profile: There are many niche related listing sites that accept local business. These types of profiles and citation are more useful for your business. That may be paid of free but you need to get listed there for value. If you are running a law firm then the following directories can useful:


Click here for complete list.

4. Clean up your citations: Duplicate, incomplete and the listing which has a wrong firm name or wrong address or wrong contact number or wrong category and description may be harmful for your business. It can harm your keyword ranking as well, so you should fix the citation through the Yext.com or similar sources.

fix citation with yext
Fix Already Created Citation with Yext

5. Get on Every Social Network: Create your business accounts on major social media. It helps to increase your business and search ranking because it improves trust of your local businessThe major social accounts are Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, Google+ Profile and Map, Pinterest, Linkedin etc.

Click Here for a Huge List of Social Media Sites for Small Business

6. Guest Posting: Find niche related guest posting sites and write informative and research based content for them. Use your website and other informative links in the post content and requested the site owner to publish your content.

You can also share your blog and article on the local business listing sites that provide this option. Some local business listing sites who accept blog are following:


Click here for a huge list of FREE Guest Posting Sites

7. Create an Event in Your Area: Create an event for your target audience in your local area, where people can participate in your event and you can represent your business in front of your audience.

For example, if you are a lawyer you can create scholarship event for students and teachers.

personal injury lawyer scholarship 2016

8. Make a Business Video: Create professional videos with informative content and upload them on Youtube Channel. Before upload the videos you should create a Youtube Channel and add channel art, about your business, social media and website links. You can also share and upload your videos on Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Wesrch.com

Click Here for a Huge List of Video Sharing Sites

9. Competitors Analysis: Review your competitors on a regular basis to know what they are doing. Track their ranking, links profile and what types of changes they are applying on their website. Make necessary changes in your website as well if they are helping your competitors.

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10. Install a Blog on Your Website: Start a blog on your website and update it with useful and informative content related to your product and services. You can also post a press related there when you are starting any new product and service or you are changing something related to your business.


I hope you would like the post and you will apply the above mention ways to promote your small business. I need your valuable feedback regarding this post.

So, what do you think about the new local business technique?

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.


Published by Mohsin Qureshi

Mohsin is a digital marketing and SEO consultant from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Having 7+ years experience in the Internet Marketing field. Have good knowledge of search engine optimization, social media optimization, small business optimization, eCommerce SEO, Brand marketing of other product and service based company. He is a beginner of blogging want to share complex marketing thing in a simple way.

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