How to Create Google Friendly Backlinks in 2020 (Updated)

Google Friendly Backlinks in 2018

In 2008, when I started my career in SEO, that time there were couples of techniques to create backlinks and the technique really worked.

Some of the techniques that worked in the past were following:

  1. Directory Submission in Bulk
  2. Social Bookmarking in Bulk
  3. Article Submission in Bulk – One article was submitted in 100 articles directories.
  4. Forum Posting – Used multiple links in signature.
  5. Blog Submission in Bulk
  6. Feed Submission in Bulk
  7. Press Release – One press release was submitted in couples of press release directories.
  8. Classified Submission in Bulk
  9. Web 2.0 Submission in Bulk
  10. Blog Comments in Bulk

Some above mention backlinks technique are working right now as well, but the manner has been changed. I will never bore you to tell about the technique, I know everyone know about them and use on a daily basis. I also understand life is very short to read a long article. So I love to write cut to cut points.

So why I am writing the post, because SEO works across the techniques and you are reading the post to learn something new from me.

So Let’s start to learn about new backlinks technique that will work in 2020.

  1. Guest Posting: Guest posting is a useful link building method to get quality backlink for your website. It is a typical task to find quality and niche related website who accepts guest post. Find the guest posting sites which publish your guest posts on their landing page.
    Guest Posting

    Here is the best search formula to find guest posting sites which have value.

    search formula to find guest posting

Your Business Niche “guest post”
Your Business Niche “write for us”
Your Business Niche “guest article”
Your Business Niche “guest post opportunities”
Your Business Niche “this is a guest post by”
Your Business Niche “contributing writer”
Your Business Niche “want to write for”
Your Business Niche “submit blog post”
Your Business Niche “contribute to our site”
Your Business Niche “guest column”
Your Business Niche “submit content”
Your Business Niche “submit your content”
Your Business Niche “submit post”
Your Business Niche “This post was written by”
Your Business Niche “guest post courtesy of ”
Your Business Niche “guest posting guidelines”
Your Business Niche “suggest a post”
Your Business Niche “submit an article”
Your Business Niche “contributor guidelines”
Your Business Niche “contributing writer”
Your Business Niche “submit news”
Your Business Niche “become a guest blogger”
Your Business Niche “guest blogger”
Your Business Niche “guest posts wanted”
Your Business Niche “looking for guest posts”
Your Business Niche “guest posts wanted”
Your Business Niche “guest poster wanted”
Your Business Niche “accepting guest posts”
Your Business Niche “writers wanted”
Your Business Niche “articles wanted”
Your Business Niche “become an author”
Your Business Niche “become guest writer”
Your Business Niche “become a contributor”
Your Business Niche “submit guest post”
Your Business Niche “submit an article”
Your Business Niche “submit article”
Your Business Niche “guest author”
Your Business Niche “send a tip”
Your Business Niche inurl: “guest blogger”
Your Business Niche inurl: “guest post”
allintitle: Your Business Niche + guest post

Here is a List Of 953 Niche Blogs that accept guest posts

  1. Reference always works. If you have a great network of people, then you can share a link to your website with them and ask to add your link on their blog if they are running a blog.referance link buildingHere are some sources you can request for reference:

By Email
By Social Media
By Contact number

By the way, can you share this post with your friends. J

  1. Create a 30/70 Plan: Give your 100% to write an epic blog post. It should be researched based and user friendly. Your way of writing should not only for English literature readers, but also for the beginner who only understand easy English.How to create 30% content and 70% promotion plan?promotion plan

What you need to make the plan?

  • A well written content with at least 1000 words using already written epic content by other blogger.
  • Prepare 5 to 10 catchy headlines for this blog.
  • Write a few descriptions of these, one to three sentences long.
  • Promote the content using the attached xls file.
  1. Broken link building: Broken link building is an advance, useful and 100% white hat link building technique where you request a website owner to replace their broken links with your website active links.broken link building

How to request for broken link building?

  1. Donate to charity site: Finda niche related donation website that accepts donor website link.To find these type of opportunities to get backlinks use the keyword tool and make the following search terms:“donate to us” + Your Business Niche
    “donate to this site” + Your Business Niche
    “contributors page” + Your Business Niche
    “sponsors page” + Your Business Niche


At the current time, mostly webmasters have become very choosy about backlinks, because one backlink can promote or demote your keyword ranking.

This post will help the webmaster who still in confusion about how to make backlinks.

Hope you would like the post.


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