SEO is one of the important factors to promote an online project by generating leads and grabbing more traffic while you are creating a start-up blog or a fully-fledged E-commerce site. It a solid strategy that includes the keyword research, backlinking, content marketing, and image optimizations to achieve high ranking by generating traffic in the competitive tracking system. All companies, leading online businesses, need to analyze the niche and obtain certain statistics and ideas.

Ideally, to analyze the traffic of the competitor’s site, learn the sources of traffic, check the reference mass of competitors and conduct a full SEO analysis. But, how can you determine it? By using the tools that are specifically designed for analysts of competitors can solve the main strategic issues on SEO.


Including all elements and aspects, it is a suite of online search engine optimization that makes deal with Google Analytics and Majestic SEO. It easily manages the one or more SEO campaigns and automates many of the important SEO tasks and activities to build a successful website. The tools help website owners, web developers, SEO consultants and agencies to optimize the websites. Building more user-friendly, search-engine friendly and CEO friendly websites for generating and retaining visitors.

SE Ranking

It is a cloud-based search engine optimization (SEO) platform designed for SEO and marketing professionals, including webmasters, agencies, and marketing teams. It keeps an eye on keyword positions, competitor SEO and PPC strategies, website and on-page SEO audits, backlinks, social media posting, etc.  The detailed reports and actionable lists of recommendations and fixes are generated by analyzing its multiple parameters, including meta descriptions, URL structures, content, links, images, usability, and more.

Alexa Marketing Stack

Alexa Marketing Stack includes both keyword research and website ranking platform which handles the array of competitive analysis tools. The tool is also featured with site audits, paid and organic keyword research (suggest keywords for users’ site), backlinking, on-page SEO, and etc. The competitive analysis tools offered by Alexa include site comparisons, website traffic statistics, performance benchmarking, and site overviews to measure website traffic by estimating the visits and audience demographics, page views, bounce percentages, historic traffic trends, time off-site, and more.


This tool handles and analyses the SEO website & SEO audit automation in-depth, which is built designed by SEO/SEM professionals for website optimization professionals & agencies. A useful tool that helps the users to keep an eye on backlinks, SERP data, keywords, search volumes, AdWord positions, and much more.

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite tool is a complete package of desktop web optimization tools for SEO, bloggers, and online marketers. The bundle consists of four high-performing apps, which have a specialty to hold their particular and specific SEO tasks to drive a better result. Those apps are:

  • Rank Tracker
  • WebSite Auditor
  • SEO SpyGlass
  • Link-Assistant.

Unamo SEO

Unamo SEO provides all the necessary tools to check, track and analyze your overall SEO performance. With this tool, you can monitor daily position changes, measure keyword performance, and improve website rankings with simplicity. You can control the data from anywhere, anytime. Other features include:

  • Website rank tracking plus checking website’s positions for keywords
  • Great search engine compatibility to track keywords positions
  • Keyword Research, Analysis & Management
  • Track backlinking
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Track changing effects and make smart decisions quickly
  • Create powerful and customizable reports daily, weekly, monthly
  • Important events and notifications sent to your inbox
  • Create own extensions


Spotibo is a helpful tool and specialized in an on-page SEO analysis, which is designed for the users to discover hidden SEO issues on their website. The issues that may negatively affect their search engine rankings. After analyzing the on-page and technical issues, it also focuses particularly on increasing web accessibility. The software also enables the users to identify and manage the error statuses, wrong redirects, external links, canonicals, meta tags, duplicate content, images with incorrect alt descriptions, search engine accessibility, and other issues.


The first unified suite equipped with all applications that assist the enterprise SEO stakeholders in each phase to measure the result of organic search including technical SEO, content and real keywords. In regards to create and maintain the high-quality of a website, Botify helps SEO stakeholders and provide the data, tools, diagnostics, digital assets for search engines and voice assistants. Hundreds of leading international companies across industries including e-travel, e-commerce, media, marketplace, and digital agencies are giving the priority to Botify tool for building a new standard in organic search analytics.  

Website Rocket

A search engine optimization (SEO) solution, which is designed for the small businesses so that they can promote their business and website online with on-page SEO coaching, social media prompts, blog post ideas and link building tasks. By providing the step-by-step guidance and instructions on both social media and SEO, Website Rocket also gives advice on how to promote a business online and how to capture more sales through channels such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more to grow a local business.

This SEO software gives users new 20-30-minute to perform and complete SEO and social media tasks in the account to increase their business’s local visibility. The Website Rocket tool provides a number of tips, tricks and sources for helping the users to manage their link building activity. The tool also serves a simple, user-friendly SEO solution for small, local businesses through easy-to-follow tasks, step-by-step on-page SEO tutorials, and off-page SEO strategies.

Bottom Line

In view of the above, update your companies’ sites to occupy the leading positions in the top SERP results for the long period of time. It is necessary to conduct the analysis of competitors on a regular basis and check the top 50-100 to make an informed decision by selecting your competitive analysis tool.

For the competitor’s analysis, the above-mentioned tools will prove to be the best for you. By using these tools, you can boost your SEO traffic to the next level and beat your competitor. Other features of using these tools are, they can help you with a great deal to keep you safe from the Penalties of Google. This will thus increase your chances of getting to the top of SERP results.

Published by Mohsin Qureshi

Mohsin is a digital marketing and SEO consultant from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Having 7+ years experience in the Internet Marketing field. Have good knowledge of search engine optimization, social media optimization, small business optimization, eCommerce SEO, Brand marketing of other product and service based company. He is a beginner of blogging want to share complex marketing thing in a simple way.

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